Thinking About You

from by Bo Latham

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(0:06) VERSE 1
I left when I had so much left to say
And meant no harm, just did what I thought best for me
It’d been so long since I felt loved intentionally
I was around, but just around for you and that’s only if---
You felt shot down, I held my frown under this, under this…
Huh, …well I don’t know.
That’s probably why I had to go
I don’t get myself anymore I’m stuck to you
And you don’t even know my face unless I go away
Ok, I’ve shaken, I’ve shaken myself, now watch you walk away
(Or do you)

(0:36) HOOK

Forever ain’t seem that long to me…
At least not back then
That’s what happens when you stop asking “who” you just keep chasing “when,”
Nah, nah, chasing wind, sail boats in a hell hole don’t fly
Oh Lord, I forgot what this was –
Right then my forever had no life
No life in a heartbeat (that) loved oh so softly (and)
Saw hardships often became hard through what you taught him
(He) Ain’t never gonna come back to, where he left his heart for you to
Beat on... Beat on... Beat on... Or…

(1:34) HOOK

(2:05) Verse
And they told me wait until the time is right
But that clock is a white lie
Let it plan your life and then…
Well, well you know how time flies; I…
Bought a one way ticket (And)
Left a time bomb under your sheets
So tell me when the time is right and (…)
Well time heals all things…
Huh..I don’t know, let me know how the medicine goes
I popped every single pill that you made me
Crazy that you ‘gonna have to find your own antidote
...And she wrote, that our memories are timeless (timeless)
At least I know how mine is…

(2:34) HOOK


from The March Proud EP, released January 31, 2013
Original Song Credit: Frank Ocean
Written By: Bo Latham
Engineered By: DJ Houndstooth




Bo Latham Nashville, Tennessee

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