Pay Up (Snippet)

from by Bo Latham

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(0:22) VERSE 1
Camouflage confederate, red dirt Rambo
Mississippi hippies really digging what we stand for
Every where the camp go, we be getting stares and ***
…I mean…who can they compare us with
I’m very into self-awaring every little mind that’s…
Moving in a routine, losing their asset of climax
Hah, deep thinking…but street smarts…
It got my teachers out here thinking I’m a retard
He parked the Jeep next, to the mart, where we get
A couple snacks, a pack of black and milds, and I’m peachy
Yeah-ya, I am the cross, no preaching
Day-yum, y’all were the cross all season
Lay up.
Rookie of the bad *** league and I’m in young team full of players
Pay Up.


from The March Proud EP, released January 31, 2013
Produced By: Haruskii
Written By: Bo Latham
Engineered By: DJ Houndstooth




Bo Latham Nashville, Tennessee

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